In 2004, Dr. Lorena Teran had a vision. She envisioned a place in the outskirts of Quito where poverty-stricken children without hope could find a refuge from the violence and hardship around them, a place which offered opportunities for better health and hygiene, education, safety and support. Dr. Teran partnered with a local school which presented a physical location to realize her dream. Raising funds from US donors, she provided the means to install showers, rebuilt and expand the facilities, and hire teachers. Children flocked to the new center, lining up for showers every day, so excited to have hot water and food.   
We at To Give Hope are so thankful to all of our contributors, whether volunteers or donors, who make our mission a success each and every day. You have taken a desolate corner of Ecuador's capital city and turned it into a beacon of hope for a local impoverished community. Our efforts have created a wealth of opportunity for countless children and their families, and it is all thanks to the generous and loyal support of donors in the United States and Europe.

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1. What are the living conditions for the majority of children in Ecuador?

Seventy percent (3.3 million) of Ecuadorian children are living in poverty and have been victims of violence. Approximately 800,000 children are involved in child labor and exploitation, a third of whom are under the age of 12. Fifty percent of child deaths are preventable. Conditions are worse for indigenous and afro-Ecuadorian children, who make up 47% of the population, 90% of these children live in poverty and suffer from higher mortality rates.
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