As a result of your generosity, we have been able to locate and purchase a beautiful corner lot on which to build our learning center. A local private school is currently helping us to clear and level the lot in preparation for the structure. We are now in the exciting position of raising money to break ground, hopefully within the next several months.

What makes this process especially exciting is that one of our supporters has offered to fund one half of the cost of the building. This means that every dollar that we raise is essentially matched by this donor. With the support of the local community we have been able to minimize the cost associated with the building, and estimate that the first story can be constructed for $40,000. Raising $20,000 is a daunting task, and we know that in this economy every dollar counts.

However, we believe that we can succeed, one person at a time and one brick at a time. Our architect estimates that it will take approximately 2,000 bricks to complete this phase. This means that each brick represents a $10 investment for the building. Few of us are fortunate enough to donate an entire school or endow a scholarship, but each and every one of us can contribute one brick to provide shelter and education to a child in need. Together, one brick at a time, we can build this educational center.

                             To Give Hope is Raising Money to Build a New Center
This fall we purchased land where we plan to build a new and improved learning center for the children. The center will be a place for us to provide education, showers, medical care, food, and community activities. We estimate that it will take about 2,000 bricks which is $20,000 to complete the first stage of construction, which we hope to begin in 2010. Your help in reaching this goal would be most appreciated.

Donate a room or just one wall
______$4000 for one classroom             ______$1000 for a wall

Share a wall with another sponsor
______$500 for 1/2 a wall                 ______$250 for 1/4 of a wall

Donate bricks
______$100    ______$70     ______$50     ______$20     ______ Other
The proposed floor plan will accomadate all the children in To Give Hope. As the program grows the center will be able to grow vertically to add more classrooms and other facilities. The children will have access to bathrooms, showers and food everyday in a secure and clean environment.