Is a sheltered and positive environment where children receive educational activities, meals, showers, and tutoring. All critical in the lives of impoverished children who would otherwise have very little means to personal hygiene such as tooth brushing, skin care, and hand washing.  Many children are the victims of neglect and having a caring group of teachers and staff to guide them and instill values of respect, peace, and love are a refreshing change to their many times violent and oppressed lives.  These children are free to be children at To Give Hope's Joy of Learning project.  They constantly enjoying play time and the love of volunteers and staff who go above and beyond to ensure the safety and overall well-being of the children.
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The topics included hygiene, alcoholism, domestic violence, positive parenting, health screenings, first aid, and family planning. Public health volunteers have focused on providing nutrition education. In economically deprived communities such as those served by To Give Hope, malnutrition is particularly prevalent. Beyond merely the availability of the proper foods, it is equally important that the public is educated from an early age as to what best food choices to make given their limited resources.
Medical and dental clinics are provided at To Give Hope by volunteer physicians and dentists.  Our dental clinics offer children an exam and any extractions and/or fillings necessary to ensure good oral care.  Medical care is available and cost of prescriptions for families who cannot afford it are covered by To Give Hope.  Yearly check-ups are provided to all the children. 
We believe now that by organizing an endeavor to help a community closer to home we will find a greater support base and we can make it easier for those of you who wish to get involved to volunteer. In December 2006, we made our first visit to a group of destitute families who live in substandard shack communities near the U.S. – Mexico border between Tijuana and Rosarito. We brought baskets of supplies and food to approximately thirty of these families. It is important to note that To Give Hope's goal is not just to bring goods to hand out, but to become acquainted with the families, to know and understand their lives and problems, and to learn what we can do to help them further sustain and improve their lives.  We have continued these efforts, and in December of 2009 we completed our Christmas delivery.