Since its beginning in February 2004, participation in Joy of Learning has more than doubled, now providing assistance to over one hundred (100) children.

The core of Joy of Learning are the teachers who truly love and care for these children. With TGH assistance, they provide daily help with homework and reading; teach classes in arts and crafts; provide clothes and personal care items; and provide meals and vitamins to the otherwise malnourished children.  Additionally, daily journal writing has created a beneficial outlet for the children to express their thoughts.  By creating a fun and safe learning environment within this program, the children have made tremendous progress. For most children, the highlight of their day is taking a hot shower with soap and shampoo, an opportunity they previously never had.  Most children do not have showers at home and the cold weather and winds make taking a hot shower a big treat.

1-2       Showers and oral hygiene
2-3       Homework and educational activities
3-4       Arts, crafts, physical education
5-6      Journals and dinner
As previously noted, many children in the community do not attend school because they lack the money to pay for the various school fees (although Juan Carlos Peralta is a public school there are mandatory fees for enrollment, uniforms, and school supplies).  Joy of Learning is fortunate to have Peace Corps volunteer, Ella Harris, to meet this need by providing scholarships to these children. Unfortunately, the quality of education is so poor that children in sixth grade cannot read or write; therefore, a summer school program was started in 2005.  Joy of Learning is open to all children in the community and children with reading, writing, and math difficulties are given specialized tutoring.
                           Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, thirty (30) children in the program were taken on a field                            trip where they were able to fly in a plane. For these children, it was their first experience at seeing                            beyond the dismal confines of their neighborhood.In addition, children are rewarded for good                            behavior and attendance by a weekend trip to the rain forest.

                           The results of the service Joy of Learning provides are evident in the health and happiness of these                            children.  Please see our medical/dental page to learn about how the children received preventive and                            primary services. TGH would like to continue to provide this level of service to these children, and in                            the future to other communities.  Increased support from donors and volunteers will be critical for this                            program's continued success. You can make this possible by sponsoring a child or making a donation                            to help build a new learning center.