Unfortunately, he's been written off by just about everyone in his life. He shines when he is immersed in creative activities like, art or mechanics. Furthermore,  Jose is a natural leader in these subjects. Jose sketches in free hand the images that come into his mind and he works hard and carefully on his work. Many times, long after the rest of the kids have finished, Jose is still working until he gets it perfect. If he had been born into circumstances with more opportunities, Jose might be an "A" student and president of his class. But Jose has been born into poverty and inequality, and his talents are overlooked. 

Jose's dad is a drug addict who left his mother with a new born baby, along with three other children and a grandson. Andrea, the oldest daughter, is 16, and has a one year old baby boy. Jose's mother tries to support her family, but with a new born, she struggles to find work and make ends meet. Jose often has to drop out of school so that he can work to help support his family. Sometimes we will not see Jose for a week to a month, but we will hear of him or see him working at a construction site or some odd job to try to make ends meet for his family.

He becomes excited with the idea of continuing his education. His face lights up and a huge smile spreads across his face. We are happy to report that we were able to get Jose the financial and moral support needed to attend school full time and finish his last year of elementary school.   
Jose, his sister and fellow To Give Hope children.