Previously, we reported on a screen printing T-shirt workshop TGH provided over the summer as part of an effort to promote self sufficiency in women. This program was a great success and proved to us the impact that we can have on helping impoverished women in our community. Encouraged by this, TGH has expanded its services for women and has set new goals in how it will help women overcome their circumstances.

The mission of TGH's new program is to educate and prepare women in the poor Quito community of Santa María to better provide for themselves and their families. Women will be encouraged to participate in training and educational programs offered by TGH in a variety of subjects to help them overcome the obstacles they face. TGH president Lorena Teran explained, “We want them to become leaders in the community and to improve their role workforce. In doing this, we will bring greater prosperity to the community as a whole.”

Recognizing that each woman's situation is unique the program is intended to work with them individually to match their work in areas where they are best suited. TGH also wants to promote women in the community working together as a team to encourage and support each to achieve their full potential.

A new psychologist has recently joined TGH's program to help with counseling and emotional support for the women. In this community, such counseling is important to teach and remind women to value themselves, and to insist on equal respect and equal opportunities outside the home. Additionally, TGH will offer other personal development assistance in preventing domestic violence, sexual and reproductive rights, proper hygiene habits, and health.