N E W S   &   H I G H L I G H T S
Our mission is to give hope to poverty stricken children through improved education, health, and living conditions.

Your donation will ensure that we can maintain and expand our educational, psychological and medical service to impoverished communities in Latin America.

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!

- The center was painted with beautiful murals by volunteers.
- Children were rewarded for good attendance and behavior with a trip to the water park.
- We purchased land for the new learning center.

Give Hope is making a significant and lasting difference one community at a time.

We “adopted” a neighborhood in the city of Quito, Ecuador six years ago. Over this time, our organization finished building a school, provided educational and medical assistance to children, educated families on critical health issues, and provided basic necessities such as food and clean water. We have provided over 65,000 meals to children who would otherwise go hungry. This year we are breaking ground on a new educational center to broaden our reach within the community.

Your donations are used to purchase food and educational supplies, construct and maintain facilities, and pay for our staff of teachers and psychologists who are actively working every day on site with the children.

Thanks to a generous donor family the overhead costs are paid by them; subsequently, your donation is soley used to directly give impoverished children a better life and a brighter future.

Helping Overcome Poverty Everyday