Come Build a New Home With Us

We are so proud of what our volunteers and donors have accomplished at To Give HO.P.E., but over years of service to this needy community our current home has paid a steep price. The modest structure that housed so many children, keeping them out of harms way and giving them a home away from home, has finally succumbed to the elements. A leaking roof, unstable walls, and unsafe plumbing have all taken a toll on our program. And this is why we are pulling together as a team to transform TGH with a brand-new building that will house our children for years to come.

Our new center will have better facilities for personal hygiene, an examination room for medical/dental/vision visits and counseling services, and a training center to learn skills and trades that will translate into better jobs in for our children.  We will even incorporate computers with internet access to enable children to benefit from STEM programs vital for their future.

On the rooftop we plan to have a garden where children will learn to grow their own food and learn the importance of good nutrition. We will teach culinary arts and our budding chefs will learn a trade as well as business, cooking nutritious food not only for our children but for sale to the local community.

Best of  all, we will no longer be tasked with constantly repairing the rented building that currently houses our program. Rather than dodging leaks, the children can focus on their schoolwork and good-old-fashioned play.

If you love children and you want to leave a lasting legacy in this world this project is for you. Contribute a brick, a desk, a roof panel or an entire wall. Your effort, your gift, will be a tangible, enduring statement of your generosity and vision. We welcome your involvement.

Take a look at your future creation

Let’s build something together.

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